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Slawomir Nowicki
Karol Matusiak
Igor Radecki
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The practice of IntellectPol is comprehensive and international in scope.


IntellectPol was founded by the IP attorney - Slawomir Nowicki.


We have extensive experience representing clients in the prosecution and defense of intellectual property litigation infringement actions in the district and appellate courts throughout the Poland and EUIPO.

IntellectPol also specializes in professional translation of patent descriptions and other technical or legal translations which are performed by linguists and checked by the persons who specialize in the field of patent description and a patent attorney. We use CAT tool to provide the high quality of our translations.


IntellectPol is an IP Law firm which specializes in patents (including, translation and validation of EP in Poland), trademarks (Poland and EUIPO), designs (Poland and EUIPO), disputes and litigations.

We help in the placing products on the market (in EU and Poland).

All our fees are negotiable. 

The attorneys who cooperate with IntellectPol specialise in IPR matters and business law, with the right to represent a party before the authority responsible for granting an IP right or other legal matters in Poland or EU, and have passed any required qualification examination. 

IntellectPol offers high quality legal work at reasonable rates.


IntellectPol has filed hundreds of applications relating to biotech, pharmacy and consumer products.


Slawomir Nowicki (owner of the IntellectPol) is a member of FICPI (International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, abbreviated FICPI, an acronym for Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle in French).


IntellectPol specializes in:

filing the inventions via PCT or via national phase; European Patents validations in Poland; and

protection of trademarks and designs in Poland an EU (EUIPO);

IPR litigations;

technical translations and other translations from English into Polish. 


(According to SOP the person who specialize in the area relating to the technical translation is performing the translation but the translation is proofread by IP attorney/IP consultant.)


Additionally, we use the CAT tools during the translation process.

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